This portrait was taken by my beautiful friend  Kinga Cich

This portrait was taken by my beautiful friend Kinga Cich

I was born and raised in a small town, I lived in many European cities, I travel a lot, to the places I haven't been to and I'm coming back to those where I left my favourite people and spaces. Where I am, whether it is forest in the backyard of my home or a family's birthday party or a wedding day of one of my couples, camera is an extension to my mind, machine taken straight out of my heart that allows me to stop forever what my eyes see.  When I photograph, film or just look at the sky, I am always myself. This is my key to push things forward, to always make two more steps. I love what I do and I always put my whole self into it. This is the only way I know to be happy.

I travel a lot around Poland and Europe.

I am always up to food with you or a photoshoot or a mentoring if you need one. Just let me know :)


Some facts about me...

I love reading books on the airplane and looking out of the window for search of freedom or watching next series of Game Of Thrones with my Man by my side.

I am addicted to herbal teas.

My cat Mishka wakes me up everyday at 5:37am, I feed her and then I start work.

I collect feathers, sea glass, stones, cones, vinyls, old cameras, books, nature in different forms...

I love watching birds.

I sign in a car. I drive a lot so I sing a lot.

When I photograph I make crazy faces, that make people laugh :)

kamila piech wedding photography.jpg

I want You to know all this about me, as this is very important in my work. I will always be myself in my work when creating memories for You. How I see it's who I am.

I don't do standard photographs. I am not perfect. I make mistakes. Memories I will create for you will be like this. They will be true, magic, beautiful, yours, through my eyes. I want You to take this journey with me and fall in love again.

kamila piech fotografia slubna.jpg
kamila piech fotograf slubny.jpg